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Charles Maksou

ABOUT Charles

Charles Maksou has been with the company since 1999, and has been a stylist for 30 years. What he enjoys most is being a sculptor. He loves creating the perfect shape to enhance his clients’ natural features. He listens to each client’s needs and determines the perfect hair shape for them based on their daily lives, health of their hair, and natural features. Charles sees hair as art and always wants to have a masterpiece walk out of the salon. He is well known for his outgoing personality and hair work throughout the Middle East and Europe.

Charles has trained with John Sahag in New York on Madison Avenue. He has been perfecting the dry cutting technique for 20 years and has become an educator for dry cutting. He has been awarded a certificate in dry cutting and has been an eight-time Boston’s Best award winner.

Charles has worked with many designers and celebrities, including Caroline Kennedy, Belinda Carlisle, Adam Sandler, The Pussycat Dolls, Anthony Michael Hall, and Betsey Johnson.

Charles’s background is Lebanese and Armenian, and he spent a few years in Paris. Charles’s philosophy on dry cutting is to make it look like no one has cut the client’s hair before. His technique for cutting hair dry works particularly well with curly hair—making the curls look very natural and the hair healthy. He shapes the hair to the client to make them look and feel 10 years younger.

With the dry-cutting technique, Charles is able to carve out shapes that are impossible with wet hair; he creates a natural shape according to the way your hair grows. Simply, this means a better haircut—one that blends better and grows out beautifully—because Charles is able to cut individual strands of dry hair instead of big clumps of wet hair. You will be able to see your hair taking shape with each snip of the scissors.

“Hair is an extension of the soul.”

– Charles.

Charles is also a curly hair specialist and balayage specialist.

Charles at work