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Jenna Muolo


Jenna Muolo has over 15 years of experience in hair indexing, and has spent the last 11 years dry cutting House of Colour. She was trained in the Sahag Method by Charles Maksou in 2006 and now exclusively dry cuts. Jenna specializes in soft method, low maintenance color for clients with natural balayage with a focus on keeping hair in peak condition. She achieves her clients’ objectives of vivid colors, especially using Goldwell Elumen pastels. She is also certified in Babe Extensions, I-tip hair extensions, Tape In hair extensions, hair bonds and custom pieces.

Jenna is a product knowledge junkie—the science nerd in me needs to understand how and why a product benefits the hair so I can accurately prescribe the best product for each client while educating them on the “why” it is good instead of just saying “try this.”

Jenna thinks this is a great time to be in the beauty industry. The technology advances regarding hair health and integrity (i.e., Olaplex and Goldwell BondPro) allow stylists to push the envelope creatively, all while keeping the hair in great shape. And with vivid colors becoming more and more acceptable in the workplace, it allows stylists to have tons of fun doing what we do!

Jenna Muolo at work